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Fourth Friday in Tunkhannock

Fourth Friday, held in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, on Aug. 23, 2019. Sponsored by the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. Among the businesses that participated included Red Barn Rocks of Factoryville, and Mercantile. (Submitted by C.J. Marshall)

Open Mic Night

People had the opportunity to show off their talents at the Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania on Friday during Open Mic Night. Among the participants were Strum By One; B.B. Colodny; Pen Colodny; Alex MacDougall; and Angel, Tadzi, and Trish Trowbridge. (Submitted by C.J. Marshall)

The Age of Invention 

This is a short story by science fiction writer Norman Spinrad. It’s a brilliant satire of the world of art and artists. I love reading it, and decided it would make a good video for entertainment.

Tunkhannock Intersection

This is the main intersection of Tunkhannock Borough in Pennsylvania. I recorded this at 10 times normal speed, which means that for every minute you see, 10 minutes have actually passed. Don’t you wish the traffic would go this fast in real time? 

Summer fun in Falls

Folks enjoyed themselves at the Falls Summer Celebration held in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Aug. 17. 

Christy Mathewson Day Parade

Folks enjoyed the parade in Factoryville on Aug. 10, in celebration of Christy Mathewson Day. 

Angelo Maruzzelli

Local singer and songwriter Angelo Maruzzelli gives an earthy performance during Founders Day in Tunkhannock on Saturday. 

Airport Pickers

The Airport Pickers show off their country roots Saturday during the Founders Day celebration in Tunkhannock. 


Located in Eaton Township, Wyoming County, Pa., this waterfall is one of many scenic treasures scattered throughout the area.


Folks at Skyhaven Airport in Tunkhannock, Pa. took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday, July 13, to test sky diving skills. 

Aerial view of the viaduct

This is an aerial video I took of the Tunkhannock Viaduct – aka Nicholson Bridge. Constructed in the 1920s, it is the longest stone viaduct in the world. Those traveling along Route 29 in Nicholson get a spectacular view of the underside of the viaduct, which trains use to travel through the area. This shows a more “non-tradition” view of the viaduct, because most people can’t view it from the air.

Jellyfish screensaver

This was taken at the Electric City Aquarium in Scranton, Pa. It features about 10 minutes of jellyfish in their natural habitat. I added appropriate music, and got something that can put the average viewer into a “zen” mode. 

River Day in Tunkhannock

Folks celebrate River Day in Tunkhannock. Among the entertainment included J.P. Williams Blues Band, and Flatland Ruckus.

Senior Expo

State Rep. Karen Boback hosted the 13th Annual Senior Expo at Tunkhannock High School on Friday, July 26, providing seniors with vital information and service on a wide variety of subjects.

Fourth Friday

Folks participated in Fourth Friday  events in Tunkhannock on July 26.

Butterfly House

Folks enjoy the magic of the Butterfly House at Creekside Gardens in Tunkhannock, Pa.

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