September 6, 20194

Getting sick is no fun

Once again, I had big plans, and once again they fell by the wayside.

This time though, it wasn’t due to laziness or carelessness. It was because around 2 p.m. I started to feel really lousy, and it wouldn’t go away.

My main project today was to record the Bluegrass Performance at the East Lemon United Methodist Church. Was going to go there with full rig – including microphones and camera and tripod.

But like I said, things went downhill fast this afternoon, and I just couldn’t climb out of the hole. Slept for most of the day, and although I got up at 5:30 p.m., just couldn’t raise any energy.

This is happened before, although fortunately not very often. Not only does my energy drain away, but there’s a pain in my shoulder blades. I can’t describe it very well, it’s like an ache, but not precisely. But I know when it gets like that I have to take it easy. There’s been times when I pushed myself, and the ache spread to my arms, and then into my chest.

FYI: Several years ago I had myself checked to see if I was experiencing any heart problems. The results were negative, but it still makes me nervous.

All right, tomorrow, Woofstock – a fun event – is scheduled for Lazybrook Park. I intend cover that one. And the next day will be three events – all of which I intend to cover, which is really going to keep me hopping.

OK, OK, enough stalling. I know you all just muddle through this for today’s bad joke – so here it is.

One time, during the Middle Ages, the College of Cardinals convinced his Holiness, the Pope, that the Jews were undesirables, and ordered that they be exiled from Rome.

The Jewish population was distraught, and sent a delegation to the Pope, pleading that they be allowed to stay.

“Your Holiness, this is our home,” they begged. “We haven’t done anything. Please allow us to stay.”

Now the Pope was a fair man, and decided to give the Jews a chance.

“All right,” the Pope said. “On an appointed day, one of you must engage in a religious debate with me, in pantomime. If your delegate wins, you can stay in Rome.

When the group went back to the synagogue they were all beside themselves.

“What are we going to do?” was the consensus. “This is the Pope. None of us can win a religious debate with him.”

Finally, the synagogue’s little old janitor spoke up.

“Well, I tell you what, I will do it,” he said.

“You!” came the reply. “You’re just a little old janitor. What makes you think you can win the debate.”

“Well, somebody’s got to do it, and nobody else wants to,” the janitor said.

Nobody else came forward, so it was decided having the janitor do it would be better than nothing. On the appointed day, the two men faced off, with the Pope and his cardinals on one said, and the janitor and the rest of the Jews on the other.

The Pope started off by pointing to the sky. The janitor responded by pointing to the ground.

A look of astonishment crosses the Pope’s face. He responded by sternly pointing one finger in the janitor’s face. Sneering, the janitor countered by pointing three fingers in the Pope’s face.

The Pope’s mouth dropped open, but he continued. Reaching into the folds of his robe, he pulled out an apple. The janitor shrugged, reached into his pocket and pulled out a flat piece of Matzah.

The Pope then turned to his cardinals and said “This man has won the debate, the Jews can stay in Rome.

After the Jews happily left the area, the cardinals gathered round and asked the Pope what happened.

“The man’s a genius,” the Pope explained. “When I pointed to the sky, I said that God rules in heaven. The man countered by pointing to the ground, saying that the Devil had been given his own dominion in Hell.

“When I point my finger at the man, I said there is but one God in heaven. But he countered, saying that He had Three aspects.

“Finally, I argued that according to scientific dogma currently being debate, the world is round. But he said to me, that according to the Bible, the world is flat,” the Pope said. “He countered me at every turn.

Meanwhile, when the Jews got back to the synagogue, the janitor’s friends asked him the same questions concerning the debate.

“It was the stupidest thing I have ever seen,” the janitor said. (Pointing to the sky) “He tells me Jews got to get out of room, and I say, no, Jews gonna stay right here. Once he tells me drop dead, so I tell him three times drop dead, Jews still gonna stay. Finally, he stops everything and gets out his lunch, so I just decided to so the same.”

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