September 3, 2019

The fair, the commissioners, and other things

Darn I missed again yesterday, so now I’m going to have to pick up today.

Yesterday was pretty good from a video standpoint. I got three – the baby contest, the talent show, and something called Ninja Experience – which was essentially gymnastics on steroids.

For those of you who might take everything I say with the utmost seriousness – the last reference was a joke. What I meant was those performing the gymnastics did so at peak performance – and I’m certain it was without drugs or other illicit enhancements. Just wanted to make certain there is no misunderstanding.

Well, my favorite of the day was the baby contest. But let’s face it – the deck is stacked in that one’s favor. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to love the kids who competed.

When I put the video together, I got the inspiration to add a musical tract. This really enhanced it tremendously. I played it for Zed, who unfortunately lost his daughter years ago when she was just five years old. The finished video moved him to tears, and I can’t say I blame him.

Now if only other people will like it as well.

The talent show consisted of just three people. All girls, singing. That’s OK, in my book – after all talent is talent, and if they are the only ones who wanted to compete, so be it. I thought one girl was excellent. And for those of you wondering which one – wouldn’t you like to know!

So, three videos – which combined with the others I took of the fair, made for pretty good coverage, in my estimation.

Today, I covered the commissioners meeting. And, because I didn’t get to sleep until after 4 a.m., getting up was sheer hell!

Don’t laugh. Sometimes it happens. I actually went to be around 2 a..m., but couldn’t drop off to sleep until later. Under those circumstances, I have no choice but to bull my way through.

The meeting was kind of mild as far as meetings go, but I was able to create a video and story to go with it. Now I’ve got to try to think of something else for Wednesday.

All right. Once again, it’s time for today’s bad joke. Let’s see now, I know I’ve got it here something. That’s the problem when you’re the one with the jokes, you never can remember them when called to do so. (Several minutes later). Ah, how about this…

A woman teaching an English class to a group of elementary posed the question “What is the difference between prose and poetry?”

The kids scratched their heads, and a few made attempts, but none could provide the correct answer.

“With poetry,” the teacher finally explained, “the word at the end of a sentence usually rhymes with the word at the end of the next sentence. Such as ‘One, two. Buckle my shoe. Three, four. Shut the door.’ But with prose, the words in the sentences do not have to rhyme.”

The next day, the teacher decided to see her if her students had retained the previous day’s lesson.

“Can anyone give me an example the difference between prose and poetry,” she said.

One student’s hand shot up and he eagerly began to recite: “There was an old woman who lived by a well, and when she died she went to – what do want, ma’am, prose or poetry?”

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