September 26, 2019

Finally broke a dry spell

Ummm, let’s see now.

I was in a snit yesterday, because I got absolutely nothing done.

I got the car back, which was a relief. But there was nothing pending in the community that suggested something that I could cover. And because inertia rose triumphant over me going out and trying to generate something, I ended up letting the day slip away.

Not good.

Still tomorrow is another day, which leads to today. I covered the FallFest Mixer, sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, and got something out of it. The event also allowed me to pass out some of my cards, and that too was good.

Still, I’ve got to dedicate myself to generating even more items for the website. After all, nobody’s going to keep coming back over and over again to see the same old things.

Sigh! This has always been a major problem with me. Procrastination. I just love putting things off tomorrow that I should be doing today.

Still, I’m seeing a few results, and if I can dedicate myself and “ahem!” get off my ass more often, things should start to pick up. Or at least I hope they will.

Oh dear. I was hoping again write done some thoughts and observations, but it’s late, and I can’t think of a thing at the moment. So I’m afraid you’ll just have to settle for today’s bad joke.

Question: What is a politician?

Answer: Someone who takes money from the rich and votes from the poor, while promising to protect each group from the other!

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