September 21, 2019

I just got to get those brakes fixed

First, time to bring everyone up to date.

My latest video was of local historian Greg Spencer, giving a presentation on two men who were hanged at the old Wyoming County Jail in the 19th century for murder. It wasn’t the best – the video was out of focus in spots – but it was interesting and it keeps things going. Things are a bit thin as far as what I can provide, due to being restricted to the barracks, so to speak, until I get the brakes fixed on my car.

Today, I decided to tempt fate a bit and went to the East Lemon United Methodist Church, with the idea of getting the local bluegrass band that practices there each Friday. Trouble was, this time nobody was there, so I presume, no practice session today.

So, today’s venture will be nothing by my blog. Tomorrow, though there are a couple of interesting events that I will cover.

I’ve also been giving this some thought, and have come to the conclusion that – while the videos are fun and interesting – it’s time to diversify a bit as far as what I’m going to produce.

The videos can too easily turn into a crutch – if I need something, produce a video. While there is interest, I intended my website to be more than just videos.

Of course, one problem is that – to date – I haven’t gotten a single submission for publication. I initially intended this to be a creative outlet for the community. I figured that alone would generate some interest. Unfortunately, nobody has been biting.

All right, so it’s up to me. Right now I’m working on a new short story – I’ll bet your just dying to know what it is – and intend to have it posted when I finish it.

To make due until that time, here’s something to tide you over – today’s bad joke. I haven’t done a limerick yet, so here we go.

Mary had a little lamb.

It’s wool was soft and pink.

But then one day a wolf came along.

And now she has a mink!

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