September 21, 2019

Two things done, more to come

Today was pretty productive.

I covered two things – the Touch-a-Truck event at Lazybrook Park, as well as the Recovery Celebration at the courthouse. I would have liked to have gotten some of the speeches at the Recovery Celebration, but I didn’t realize they were going to hold them first thing. But I did get the activities, and that was the important part.

I know – that’s two more videos, despite my plans to produce other things. But it took a lot out of me to get those two events. I’ll try to work on some other things later.

I think I’m developing a following – abet a small one. Someone looked at both videos shortly after I’d posted them – and that means they are looking forward to them. Now if only I can get more people interested.

All right. Because I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting it – here’s today’s bad joke!

An author who hadn’t had much luck trying to sell a book he’d written went into his publisher, hoping to out what was the problem.

“Irving baby,” the publisher explained. “Today, the only thing the public wants is sex, sex, sex! Your stuff is too tame. All you’re doing is boring the readers. If you want to sell them, you definitely got to more sex into your work.”

Fuming, Irving returned home.

“All right,” he said to himself. “If the public wants sex, I will give it to them!”

Working all night, Irving rewrote his book in record time, and delivered it to his publisher. But when he again received a rejection slip, he was absolutely incredulous.

“How can you reject this,” Irvin demanded of his publisher. “You said the public wants sex. Well look here, on the first page – the very first page mind you — a man and a woman rip each other’s clothing off and make mad passionate love. What’s wrong with that?”

“Irvin baby, look how far down the first page,” the publisher said.

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