September 15, 2019

I need a brake job

Hmph. There’s not much to report today.

Yesterday, I covered the electronic drop-off at the recycling center. Made for an interesting video – although it’s not something that people are going to eagerly seek out.

Today, I was on my way to an event by the District 9 Trapper’s Association. However, the brakes on my car suddenly became very, very soft. I could still stop, but I decided not to take chances. There was a distinct possibility they would fail completely. And then things would have really gotten interesting.

So, today I have nothing to post. I don’t know about tomorrow, because I can’t safely drive. I intend to cover the commissioners on Tuesday, but that will be pushing it.

Fortunately, I have an appointment on Wednesday to have the car looked at. But before that, I must be very careful, and not drive anywhere I absolutely don’t need to.

All right, that said, here is today’s bad joke.

Millie was constantly nagging her husband Howard about his drinking. But not matter what she said or did, Howard stubbornly insisted on being allowed to drink.

Finally, Millie decided to try to scare Howard into submission. One night, after Howard was asleep, she dressed herself in a white sheet, and entered the bedroom.

“Stop drinking,” Millie shrieked at the top of her lungs. “You’d better stop drinking!”

Startled out of a sound sleep, Howard sat up in bed and stared at the apparition.

“You better stop drinking, you better stop drinking,” Millie screamed again.

“Who the hell are you?” Howard asked.

“I’m the Devil, you better stop drinking, you better stop drinking!”

Howard then sat forward and extended his hand.

“Well shake hands,” Howard said. “I married your sister!”

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