September 10, 2019

Trying to keep them coming

Not much to report today.

My buddy Zednil had some car trouble today. So we spent the day trying to determine what was wrong. So I didn’t have time to beat the bushes, trying to find something to post to the web.

However, I already had some raw footage of fireworks that I had taken about a year ago. I edited it together, and added a couple of songs from John Phillips Sousa, and viola, an entertaining piece, fulfilling my policy of posting at least one thing each day.

Eventually, I’m going to ramp it up, but right now I want to keep things on a slow and steady schedule.

Couple of other things.

First, I found out via youtube that I was not the first person to post an aerial video of the Nicholson Bridge. This one, posted a few years earlier, was taken with a drone. Looks pretty good too.

I should have known that someone would get the same inspiration. Oh well. I still think mine looks pretty good as well.

And the other thing is…it’s time for today’s bad joke!

A clergyman, an accountant and a lawyer were all attending the funeral of a man who had been a friend to each of them.

“Gentlemen,” the clergyman said, “we all knew and respected our dear departed friend here. I feel it is important that to make a gesture in honor of his memory.”

So saying the clergyman placed a $100 bill in the casket.

“I took respected our friend, and I will make a similar gesture,” the attorney said, and also placed a $100 bill in the casket.

“Well, given the fact what you two have done, I would be a louse if I did not make a similar gesture,” the accountant said. “However, since I am not carrying cash, I will have to use an alternative method of honoring his memory.”

So saying, the accountant wrote a check for $300, placed it in the coffin, and took the two $100 bills as change.

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