The Photo Gallery

“COVERED BRIDGE” by C.J. Marshall

I took this photo several years ago neighboring Bradford County. Although at one time thousands of covered bridges crossed rivers and streams throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation, time has now reduced their number considerably. As a result, a covered bridge has changed from a common sight to an interesting phenomenon, particularly when traveling across it. 

“HAPPY EASTER” by C.J. Marshall

Many years ago, the local businesses in Towanda sponsored an Easter Egg hunt on the front lawn of the Bradford County courthouse. The event was the usual chaos as the kids scrambled for eggs, so I would be an absolute liar if I said I got this one by design. That said, it remains one of my favorite pictures because everything is right about it – particularly the expressions of the girl and boy in the center. I don’t think Norman Rockwell could have done better.

“THE DIVER” by C.J. Marshall

This picture was taken under tragic circumstances. A car went into a pond in Bradford County, and divers were summoned to attempt a rescue. Unfortunately, no miracle occurred that day, and at least two people drowned as a result of the accident. 


The next three photographs are aerial shots of the Nicholson Bridge in Nicholson, Pa. The largest stone viaduct in the world, this structure is a formidable – and fascinating – piece of architecture. 

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