October 9, 2019

Getting a tooth fixed has advantages

All right, today I managed to climb out of the belly of the black beast.

It wasn’t easy. When I got up, I still had a ways to go. But it was a busy day, and that helped to keep my mind off things.

Mostly it was a trip to the dentist. I had crown put on a tooth. It had to be done. And it took up most of my day.

One thing that helped to keep me out of the doldrums was an unexpected success of one of my videos. On Friday, I took the reception for the new exhibit at the courthouse. I interviewed two of the photographers – the third one was absent. I waited until Tuesday to post it, because I figured I could wait, due to the fact the exhibit will be running through January.

I thought the videos I took earlier of the political candidates would generate a lot of interest. They did not. That’s life. But it was so disappointing.

But, the video of the reception turned out to be popular. When I looked at the numbers this morning, I was surprised – but pleased. Over 150 now. I figured I would be lucky to see 10.

These things happen, but I wish I could make them happen more frequently.

I keep running ideas through my head, trying to figure out ways to attract more attention. I’ve been turning the idea of a post cast, and hopefully that will generate something. I think also, trying my hand at some of the information videos – the kind that use trivia – might be an answer.

I still contend there is a market for this sort of thing – if only I can hit the right combination.

All right. I’ve got something cooking for tomorrow, but it is fairly late at night. I would really like to report tomorrow that I generated something else as well.

Until thing, you will have to be satisfied with today’s bad joke!

Two guys were talking, comparing notes about their computer security.

What do you use for your password?” the first man asked.

Incorrect,” the second man answered.

Incorrect? Why do you use that?”

Because it means I can never misplace it,” he explained. “If I get it wrong, the computer says ‘Your password is incorrect.’”


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