October 6, 2019

Politics makes good grist for the mill

Whew! Finally!

I admit that it’s been a couple of days since my last entry. Trouble is, I was either so busy or so exhausted, I didn’t have time to make one.

Last couple of days has been jumping from one event to another. In fact, I still have had a chance to post everything. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. Better too much than not enough.

But I’ve been very tired. In fact, last night I lay down early, and didn’t get up. That’s why there was no entry.

I did manage to get a few things posted. And today, got of lot of things posted.

One event turned out to be an accident – but a very fortunate one. I read in the paper that a Democratic Breakfast was taking place on Saturday at the Stonehedge. I figured it would be one of those “coffee klatch” kind of things, but stopped over because I figured there would be some interest.

Turns out it was much more important than I figured. Two people running for Superior Court Justice were there, along with our democratic county commissioner candidates.

I arrived late, because there was something else I wanted to cover. When I got there, I discovered one of the Superior Court judge candidates speaking. I immediately began recording her. But I kept saying to myself “Oh I hope the commissioners candidates haven’t spoken yet.”

I spent several minutes on edge, but was rewarded when they finally got up to speak. Recorded everything and was able to post it all on line. A big huge bonus for me.

Another thing was, they were the first political features I’d posted, and so was able to fill another section of the website. Now I’ve got to get hobbiest and cooking.

Saturday was also Fall Fest in both Tunkhannock and Noxen. I covered one, and Zed took care of the other. Very important, even if not many people look at it. Because I know it is of interest to somebody.

I’m glad not much was happening today, because it gave me things posted. Tomorrow, I’m going to post the rest of what I took. And then let’s see what we can find the rest of the week.

I’ve still got to expand my activities, though. A pod cast would be a great improvement, in my opinion. Also posting some stories would generate some interest. I hope.

All right, I know you’ve all been wading through this just to get to today’s bad joke, so here it is.

Question: What do you call a lawyer who has gone bad?
Answer: Senator.


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