October 30, 2019

I wish I wasn't so absented minded!

Back again.

Did not make an entry for the last two days for a very simple reason. I just plain forgot! Completely slipped my mind both days. Could have shot myself – particularly when I did it the second time. Well, it just proves I’m as human as the next person.

Today, I shot a video of the folks at the Dietrich Theater going to see E.T. I figured it would be a nice easy little piece to do. I should have done something else though.

I’m trying to get into therapy to fight this problem of just letting things go. I desperately want this to work, but it definitely not unless I put more effort into it.

Still, I did some things today. When I realized that I had not delivered my proposal to the Wyoming County Historical Society – and it had to be today – I immediately got busy, wrote it, and delivered it. Just in time, because the society will meet next week. I would have probably had to wait a couple of months if I missed that date.

Also, I started moving to new quarters. Normally, I would have probably waited and waited. But Zed told me to take care of the porch. I know he will not be happy if the job is not done, so I got off my ass and did it. Not finished, but pleased what I got done. Will probably finish the job tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Halloween. First I’m going to get the trick-or-treaters, and then I will go for the Halloween Parade. Also, it will probably be a good idea to process some other videos. And maybe even do a little writing.

I guess the other thing left to say is today’s bad joke. So here it is.

Question: Why do witches wear name tags?
Answer: To know which witch is which!


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