October 22, 2019

Must not give up, must never give up!

All right, I skipped my blog entry again, yesterday.

Right now, the biggest problem is I’m fighting myself. I know I’m at a crisis point, and all I can go is mope around, rather than meeting it head-on.

Sigh! Everyone’s problems are so easy to solve. Except our own.

Still, there has been some progress. Today I spoke to Donny Miller, who took my information and said he would make the applications to obtain insurance for me. Which is a great relief, because I’ve not had insurance for about year. I really need to speak to my doctor about my health. It is also the first step to getting me into therapy, which I definitely need.

I’m working on a large project. It’s about a group which investigated a haunting just outside Philadelphia. The gentleman spoke for out 90 minutes, and I’m trying to incorporate as much as possible in both the story and the videos. If I was feeling up to par, I probably could have banged it out in an afternoon. Instead, it’s taking a couple of days. Hopefully, it will be completed tomorrrow.

Well, the only thing I can do is to keep pushing, and hope something begins to give. I think the depression is lifting, but it’s hard to tell.

But I will not disappoint. Here is today’s bad joke.

Question: What does a skeleton order at a restaurant?
Answer: Spare ribs!


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