October 21, 2019

Got to get off my ass, now!

Oh, I tell you, sometimes I believe I’m my worst enemy.

And other times, I just know I am.

It’s been a couple of days since my last entry. I kept putting it off because there was nothing to report. But it’s during those times that it is particularly important that I make such entries.

A couple of events that I’d planned on covering fell through. Trouble is, instead of trying to find a substitute, I just let things fall by the wayside.

Not good.

In order for this to work, I must consistently produce new material. That’s the only reason why anyone would want to come to a website.

Unfortunately, I keep being afflicted with a lackadaisical attitude. I think to myself “What’s the use?” and let that dominate my thinking.

But that is the time when you should do something. Otherwise, I’ll just sit here, doing nothing, and accomplishing nothing.

All right, tomorrow, I’ve definitely got to get back on the stick. Got to get working on some projects that hopefully will generate some interest.

People have expressed interest in this, and I definitely think it will work. But I’ve got to keep going, otherwise it will just die on the vine. One of the biggest problems I’ve experienced in my life.

All right, rather than crying in my beer, I’ll leave you with today’s bad joke, along with a promise to report something more fruitful tomorrow.

An elderly man and and his wife walked into their doctor’s office. The man was there for a checkup.

I need a urine sample and a stool sample from you,” the doctor said.

What was that?” the man said, who was nearly deaf.

I need a urine sample and a stool sample,” the doctor said, raising his voice considerably.

What was that?” the man repeated.

The doctor then turned to the wife.

Madam, is there something you can do to make him understand what I need?” he said.

The woman turned to her husband.

Dear, just simply give him your underwear,” she said.


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