November 17, 2019

Having car trouble today

Writing these blog entries can be either a pleasure or a chore, depending on the circumstances.

Sadly, today it’s a chore.

First, the starter in my car went bad, which means that right now it makes a great boat anchor. I have to get it fixed, of course, but until that happens I’m stuck at home. Which means I can’t obtain anything in the field for the website.

All right, I’m paralyzed until the car is fixed. But that’s not the worst of it.

I’ve been plagued with self-doubts and other problems for the past several days. I think the car on the fritz should have upset me more than it did. It actually gives me an excuse not to produce anything. But instead, I should be spending my time making plans, or even trying to put something together at home.

You know, ideas sometimes don’t hit you until you write them down. I think that’s exactly what I shall do for the next few days. I’ve been upset because I feel I’m just spinning my wheels so far. This gives me a good chance to sit down, and work out some new plans of action – something which may yield better results.

I hope.

All right. I’ve also got to recommit myself to making these entries. Trouble is, I get so depressed reporting failure, I go out of my way to make excuses not to. But it’s not a good idea, because it becomes a vicious cycle.

Also, I completely forgot to make yesterday’s entry, because I’d skipped the past several days.

All right. Into every plan, there is success and failure. So I’m going to try to face this like I should and hopefully figure out how to break out and make it work.

And now, that moment you’ve all been waiting for – today’s bad joke.

A blonde was in a bar with her friend when suddenly she asked “What does IDK stand for?”

I don’t know,” the friend replied.

Yeah, that’s my problem. Nobody knows,” the blonde exclaimed.

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