November 11, 2019

Making lemonade out of lemons

I did it again. I completely forgot to make my blog entry. Sometimes being absent-minded can be a real pain.

Oh well. I managed to turn lemons into lemonade yesterday – something which always pleases me.

I was participating in the Route 6 Open House Gallery Tour sponsored by the Kitson Arts Alliance yesterday. It basically stay at Green’s Furniture store in town for several hours, with my photographs on display.

I was happy to do it, although the day turned out to be a bit of bust. Not one person asked me about my pictures, let alone offer to buy one. I don’t know whether it was my location in the store, or just bad luck, but the day was rather unexciting.

Originally, I expected it would be a dry day as far as production is concerned. After all, I can’t go out and shoot a video if I have to remain in the store.

However, I learned that local artist Lewallace Howard was going to paint a picture of the Dietrich Theater in the store. When informed of this, I decided it would make a good video – particularly if I used a special time-exposure. As a result, Lew looked like he was creating his painting at super-sonic speed.

I was pleased with the result. I put it up on Youtube. So far, I’ve gotten about 16 hits. Not many, but not bad either. When you consider I’ve only been getting four or five lately.

It always pleases me when something unexpected drops in my lap.

All right. I’ve been saying that I’ve got to put more into this, and I intend to begin tomorrow. First of all, got it get back on the stick a far as my police reports are concerned. Second, I’ve got to start planning on expanding my operation – in attempt to attract a broader range of readers. Third, I’ve got to work on a new piece of fiction that’s been hanging fire for way too long.

Fourth – I’ve got to get the fitness center. That’s very important because a big part of my problems have been due to being seriously overweight. Fifth, I want to practice on the keyboard, because it’s something else I’ve been neglecting lately.

And finally, I’ve got to get started on moving. In fact, that should be at the top of the pile. I’ve only got about 20 days before the end of the month – which is when the move must occur.

All right, enough for today. Except of course, today’s bad joke!

Teacher: “Johnny, if you have five candy bars, and your sister asked you for one, how many would you have left?”

Johnny: “Five.”


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