November 1, 2019

The fates were against me today

Today was not a very productive day.

Nor was yesterday, although I did manage to get something done.

Yesterday, I was going to take the trick-or-treaters going from house to house. However, it had been raining all day. And I thought to myself “I don’t think so.” I just didn’t want that camera to get wet. After all, I paid a small fortunate for it, and I just can’t see putting it at that kind of risk.

Later in the day the Halloween Parade was scheduled. However, by that time it was pouring, and the same logic applied concerning the camera.

When I checked today to see if the parade was postponed to tonight, I was told no. The parade permit issued by PennDOT was only for one day, so the parade was instead canceled.

Ummm. Well there was a concert today, and I went to it, intending to take that instead. But I got there, I discovered it was made up of adults, not students.

Without due respect to the performers, I get the feeling that there definitely wouldn’t be as much interest in adult performers as opposed to kids. So I decided to bag it.

Sadly, there hasn’t been as much interest in my latest video – in which I posted a tale by local story teller Hal Pratt. I figured – being a well-known figure – there would be more hits on the site. But I guess not.

All right. I’ve got to sit down and work out some new things to attract more attention. I’ve been toying with pod casting – a definite possibility – but I also should come up with some other things as well. I’ve had some limited success, but I definitely need more for this to work.

All right, enough of this. Time for the reason reason you come here. Today’s bad joke!

Question: What do you get when you an Inca beast of burden with a well-endowed country singer?

Answer: A dolly lama!


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