July 9, 2019

Busy, busy, busy

Often the greatest challenge of creating a business is not setting up, but getting it established.

I continued by efforts today to get the word out and hopefully reach enough people that they start checking things out here on a regular basis.
First, I attended a meeting of the Wyoming County Commissioners, which included making a video recording of the event. When I got home, I edited the video down, and also wrote a story to go with it.
I was very pleased with the result, along with Commissioner Tom Henry, whom I asked to view the it. He also was pleased, so I know I must be on to something.
According to the stats, many people have been taking a look over the past few days. However, this means nothing, because the number of hits I got before I redid the website were practically nil. So, I’m taking it with a grain of salt – although I am pleased that somebody has been been stopping by.
As I indicted yesterday, I stopped by the Dietrich, dropping off some brochures. I was informed in an email last night that they couldn’t accept them because it was a “for profit” venture.
I replied in my own email there is no cost for “Express Yourself” – that it is available free of charge to anyone. Director Eric Rogler agreed with my assessment, and informed me that they will put some of the brochures out for the public. That was a relief, because I am depending on the Dietrich to be a major factor in helping me get the word out.
One point I must make. The folks at the Dietrich at NOT dedicating any of their time or resources to help me out. That would definitely be unfair. But I figure that the theater is a major cultural hub for the area, and as such my brochures would have the greatest interest to the greatest number of people. Having the theatre as a distribution point is of major interest to me.
Another major distribution point is Keystone College. I dropped some brochures and posters off with Francis Calpin, Senior Director of College Relations at Keystone. He was very enthusiastic, and said he would be happy to distribute them at various locations. I will provide fresh material when the fall semester begins.
I also stopped off at Dapper’s Dan’s Classic Cuts, where I dropped off additional brochures. Made an appointment with Dan to do a story about him and his shop.
One thing. I may not be making any money at the moment, but I am definitely have a good time. Being your own boss may have its responsibilities, but it definitely has its advantages. Nobody breathing down my neck, creating additional problems – just because they feel like it. It’s such a relief, believe.
Well, that’s it for now. Once more, into the breach!

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