July 27, 2019

Quality over quantity

Today, I’d say that its a triumph of quality over quantity.

I went to the farmers’ market at Creekside Gardens, but was not impressed with the amount of people there at the time. There just didn’t seem to be enough to make a worthwhile video.

I was going to leave, but then I realized there were tours being conducted of the Butterfly House. At first, I was going to give it a pass, but changed my mind, and waited for the next tour.

I took videos of the entire event, which lasted half-an-hour. Then I returned home and edited into something palatable.

Actually, palatable is too tame a word. With all due immodesty, I think it looks great! I put it to music and posted it to my website. Then I had Dora, a friend, look at it and she loved it.

I found out something today which was rather concerning. When someone goes to “Like” something on the website, they’re told they have to join WordPress to do so. I’m going to have to figure how to get around that. Back to youtube, I guess.

I was going to do some other things, but yielded to temptation and played on WoW for the rest of the day.

OK, tomorrow, I was intending to take a day off, but instead I’ll plan an easy day. A bit of writing my short story, and researching ways to make the website function better. I may see if there’s something worth covering in the community, but I’m not going to make it a top priority.

All right, now for the big moment you’ve all been waiting for. Today’s bad joke!

Question: What do you get when you cross a praying mantis with a locust?

Answer: An insect that says grace right before it eats your crops!

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