July 26, 2019

Two videos, plus a few other things

Not too bad today, not too bad.

I covered two events – Karen Boback’s Senior Expo and First Friday in Tunkhannock. I decided to do straight videos as opposed to stories. I figured that – given the subject matter – that would be the best.

I’m still having trouble with my microphones, and as a result the sound still sucks on a lot of my stuff. I’m really going to have to look into that to correct the situation.

I’ve got money coming in, so I figure that perhaps the one thing to do will be to purchase a shotgun mic. They’re expensive, but I need a nice clean and clear sound when I do these things. Otherwise it’s going to turn some people off, pronto.

I also got the reports from DJ Plummer. I decided though, that they can wait for the weekend. The Examiner will not be able to publish them before Wednesday, so I can wait a day or two.

Also got a bit more done on “Alien World.” This is probably going to be a fairly short story. But I will let it find its own length.

Tomorrow, I think I will cover the farmers market. What else crops up, I will leave to fate.

Now then, I was going to skip today’s bad joke, but I know how eagerly you all look forward to it. So here it is:

A man is a passenger on a ship, hanging over the rail, looking very green around the gills. The captain walks over, puts his hand on the man’s shoulder and says:

“Now, now. I know you feel terrible, but don’t you worry. No one has yet died of sea sickness.”

The man lifts his head and says: “Please! It’s only the hope of dying that’s keeping me alive!”

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