July 25, 2019

Hitting the Mother Lode

Today, I hit the mother lode.

I went to Lazy Brook Park to interview two local artists – Terry Proctor and her mother Charlotte Dickinson. When I arrived, I found four other people there, painting as well. So instead of two interviews, I got six.

That’s great, because I can finally start filling up the artist section of the website. It’s been laying empty since I started, and now I have the opportunity to fill it up. Make it respectable, so to speak.

I wanted to see if I could post them by the end of the day, but I kept on wanting to get some sleep. Even after I took a nap, I felt tired. I was able to get two done, but the rest remain pending.

But tomorrow is not too busy, so I figure I can take care of it then. But I must do it as soon as possible, because those I interviewed are going to be expecting it.

Sigh! I really wish I could figure out why I need so much sleep and why I can’t overcome that need. It is really cutting into my lifestyle.

Anyway, I passed out my business cards, and told the folks I interviewed that the stories would be available in a day or so. That makes it a top priority to get them on, because it may open the door to people coming on line and looking things over.

I had an appointment with Lisa at the Dunkin’ Donuts today about doing some scanning work for her. But she never showed. I’m not going to chase her. I figure she may have decided that the price I quoted for the work was too much. Well, if that’s so, then I hope she can find someone cheaper, but the old saying still remains true – you get what you pay for.

Today’s bad joke is going to be short and simple, because I’m too tired right now to think of anything longer.

Question: How do you catch an elephant?

Answer: Hide in the grass and make a noise like a peanut!

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