July 25, 2019

Six artists, all in a row!

Today was pretty productive – although I admit it could have been even better.

I got the stories and videos on all six artists up and running. Was very pleased with the results.

I also started a new short story. Alien World. Now I’ll have to see where that one leads.

There were a couple of other things going on today that I could have covered, but chose to let go, because of the pieces about the artists. I knew I should have completed that stuff the day before.

Let’s see, I also kept on having to sleep today. And when I got up, I couldn’t focus my eye properly for a few minutes. I really got concerned there, and if the situation happens again, I’m definitely going to have to have it looked into.

I spoke to Terry Proctor, one of the artists featured in the video. Hopefully what I have done will begin to bear some fruit.

Also, I noticed that the video I took on the swearing in of the new Tunkhannock mayor had 30 hits – after remaining unnoticed for an extended period of time. Go figure about that!

Tomorrow also promises to be a busy one. I have a senior expo to cover, as well as Fourth Friday in Tunkhannock. I may also use the opportunity to pass out cards and literature at both events.

Oh yes, you’ll probably notice this, plus my previous entry have the same dates. I made a mistake on the first one – it should have said July 24. But for some reason I cannot change it. So, both will have to stand.

Okay, what you’ve all been waiting for – today’s bad joke!

A flood is threatening to engulf a community, but one man refuses to leave his house. Up drives a rescue truck, who offer to transport the man to safety.

“No thanks,” the man says. “The Lord will provide.”

The flood waters surround his house, forcing the man to the second floor. A boat with a rescue crew floats by, and offers to transport the man to safety.

“No thanks,” the man replies. “The Lord will provide.”

The flood waters rise even further, forcing the man to climb onto the roof. Finally, a helicopter flies over, offering to take him off and fly him to safety. But once again, the man refuses.

“No thanks,” he replies. “The Lord will provide.”

Finally, the flood engulfs the top of the house, and the man drowns. Angry and indignant, the man confronts God.

“I thought you said you would provide,” the man demanded.

God turned to the man and said.

“I sent you a truck, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter, what more do you want?”

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