July 19, 2019

It was a hot one, but not much done

Again, I must report that I did not get much accomplished today, as far as the website is concerned.

I’m still feeling pretty listless, and the heat is not helping the situation. It was in the 90s, and inside the house was around 80, even with the air conditioning. So life was not easy.

I tried working on making some upgrades to the website, but was stymied by lack of knowledge. I’m just going to have to break down, get the book out, and read everything I can on designs and techniques. Also, youtube will probably be able to supply some answers.

I did manage to get a bit of writing done. I guess its just that I don’t want to report that absolutely nothing happened today, due to lack of effort.

The next few days should be better though. River Day is tomorrow, and that should yield a lot of stuff. Also, there’s going to be a kayak event on the River on Sunday. Monday I’ve got a feature story in the works, so I should be able to get back into the groove so to speak.

Also, I did some scanning, as well as digitized some of my audio tapes. Not exactly the best of activities, but much better than simply playing WoW.

Okay, today’s bad joke:

Two women were sitting in a bar, discussing their lives.

“Oh I have led an interesting life, believe me,” said the first woman. “I’ve been married four times. The first was to a banker. After he died, I wed a Broadway producer. When he passed away, I married my minister. Then God called him to heaven, and I ended up married to a funeral director.

“Oh, I get it,” the second woman said. “One four the money, two for the show. Three to get ready, and four to go!”

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