July 18, 2019

Not much to report today

Today is not good day as far as production is concerned.

I discovered that my cell phone was inoperable today, due an error in my billing. When I attempted to straightened out the matter by calling the service number, I was unable to remember my pin number. When I talked to the operator, I was told she couldn’t help me.

Soooo, I drove down to an AT&T store in Dallas, and was finally able to get some help. When I got back home, I wasn’t feeling like doing much of anything.

I’m think I’m suffering from a bout of depression. It’s mild, to be sure, but it is not easy to deal with. I just feel so listless – not caring what happens.

Even my favorite activities felt like blah!

So, I just putzed around for most of the day. But I did make the supreme effort, and got a bit of writing done on a new short story. No much mind you, but was something.

I also spoke to John Williams about making a video for him. He’s going to coordinate it, I’m just going to supply the equipment as well as point the camera in the right direction. He’s going to oversee the sound, and exactly what he wants.

I’m doing this as a way of getting my name out as well as developing some contacts. Hopefully, something will come of it.

That’s also River Day, and I will also be looking into other story ideas for development. I hope I can turn this into a productive day.

All right, now its time for the best part of my blog – today’s bad joke.

After living a full life in which he treated many people, a doctor died and went to heaven. Upon being admitted through the Pearly Gates, the doctor was provided a modest bungalow where he would spend eternity.

Noticing a huge castle overlooking his new home, the doctor asked if God resided there. The doctor was informed it was not God’s house, it was instead the residence of an attorney who had recently died.

Taking the news a bit indignantly, the doctor asked why the attorney should get a castle, while he should only be issued a bungalow.

“Well, it’s a matter of numbers,” the doctor was informed. “We’ve gotten many, many doctors through the years, but he’s the first attorney who made it into heaven.

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