July 17, 2019

The thrill of getting there first

Not much to report today, but the drive to keep things going remains.

There wasn’t much going on, so I posted fewer things today. However, I did have an interesting day.

I joined the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. I figured it would be a good idea to get my name out there, along with the website. Cost $165, but I know it was money well spent. I was even given some suggestions on how to expand the word even further. I’ll incorporate them as time goes on.

Let’s see…I spoke to Tom Henry at the courthouse. He’s been one of my biggest supporters through this. I told him about the video of the viaduct, as well as the jellyfish screen saver. He was very impressed. Also, one of the nice secretaries also got a glimpse of my site, and I think she was impressed as well.

Got to keep working at getting the word. Every little bit helps.

I also saw an article in the Examiner concerning the Wyoming County Hope Coalition which I attended last week. I also wrote an article, which appeared on my website the day it occurred. Plus a video, which the Examiner did not have.

Yes, it gave me a good feeling, knowing I’d beaten the paper by about a week.

Now, I know some might sneer, pointing out that a lot more people read the story in The Examiner, as opposed to mine. To which I say, very true. But just you wait. Eventually, the word is going to get out that I can get things published much faster – even though the Examiner also has its own website. But they don’t have the skills to publish videos like I do, and video is the coming thing – if it hasn’t already arrived.

I was going to attend a lecture at Cupilari Observatory today. But it was overcast, and as part of the article, I wanted to get videos of people looking at the stars. So I will wait until another lecture is scheduled.

This Saturday is Riverday in Tunkhannock, and I intend to do a full article with lots of videos.

Okay, one thing I did accomplish – and it was a major piece of work, was the completion of “The Hell Wyrm.” Because I didn’t have anything else for today, I decided to make a big push and finish it.

I’m glad it’s done, and am looking forward to a new writing project. Hopefully, people will soon begin to take notice and come to the website for the stories, as well as other features.

And now, what you’ve all been eagerly waiting for, today’s bad joke:

Question: What lights up and is purple?

Answer: An electric grape!


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