July 16, 2019

This 'n that

Got more done today than I anticipated.

Although I admit I did cheat a bit this time. Last night I prepared a video which I posted today. It was of the jellyfish. I put it to music, then called it a screensaver. Works pretty good too. Very sedate, and I enjoy looking and listening to it while writing or other projects.

I got the police briefs, plus the district court cases done from Judge Smith. Plus I got another chapter of The Hell Wyrm in the can. I’m getting close to completion. I can’t wait – just as I can’t wait to see what new project I ‘m going to undertake.

I also stopped by the county tourism bureau and informed them I would be happy to work with them in producing videos. I don’t know what will happen, but I keep trying to get my name in the public eye.

I was going to stop by the chamber and pay my dues, but it slipped my mind. I’ll make it a point to take care of it tomorrow.

I also sent an email to the person who oversees Nicholson Bridge Day, which is in September. I offered to supply copies of the video of the bridge, plus still photos. I’d like to see something come of that.

One idea I have will be to create a video presentation of things like the bridge and the jelly fish. Combine them into an overall video – something like a video art gallery which would show dynamic shoots as opposed to static ones. We’ll see.

And now, that big event you’ve all been eagerly anticipating – today’s bad joke.

Question: What’s a nine letter word that describes a Jewish mother?

Answer: Eat,eat,eat! (Note: When I told that to a friend of mine who is Jewish, he roared with laughter and said: It’s true!)

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