July 15, 2019

Something wonderful....

In the movie “2010” astronauts exploring a space station near Jupiter are warned to leave the area, because of something that will occur in a few days. Why asked what will happen, the entity giving the instructions replies, “Something wonderful.”

Well for me, that “something wonderful” is the dedication and drive I’ve been finding to keep up my website posts.

Today, I put a video on of the Tunkhannock Viaduct, or Nicholson Bridge, if you prefer. I hired Charlie Gay of the Skyhaven Airport to take me up, and I got some great aerial shots.

I combined the footage with some music, and viola, a really nice piece that I was proud to post. In fact, I am so pleased, I think I notify whoever is in charge of Nicholson Bridge Day, to show them that the video is available for viewing.

I wrote a new Significa column which has been posted. I’ll let that speak for itself – just check the date, it’s the same as this blog post. I don’t know if anyone is going to read it, but it’s there, and that’s the most important thing.

I also banged out another chapter in “The Hell Wyrm” story. The closest it gets to completion, the easier it is for me to write. I have the ending in place, so right now its just a matter of filling in the blanks for me.

It’s funny, I first read the story of The Lampton Worm many years ago, in a children’s book of dragon tales. I enjoyed it so much I never forgot it. I checked around and couldn’t find the book – it must have fallen out of print years ago. But other versions of the story are floating around. But although I’m not treading on new ground, I am happy to be adding to a saga which has been around for quite a long time.

And here is my latest blog post. I keep adding to them, and they are the major factor in what keeps my nose to the grindstone.

Again, I’ll confess that I was tempted just to let things fall by the wayside for the day. I was suffering from a migraine, and I kept thinking I’d previously put in a full day’s work – so didn’t I deserve some time off.

But when I started to play WoW again, my heart wasn’t in it. Instead, the website kept on pulling me in that direction, and so I competed everything. And with barely a grumble!

Tomorrow will be a bit more of a challenge, but there’s not that much going. I have to stop by and get the police and DJ reports, but that’s about it. I’ll have to beat a few bushes to see what I can generate. Or, if necessary, so some more research to make necessary improvements to the website.

And of course, add another chapter to the story.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for – today’s bad joke!

A man stepped onto an old fashioned weighing machine. Standing next to him was his wife.

The machine whirled and clicked for a few moments, then spit out a small white card, which the wife picked up and read.

“It says here, dear, that you are kind and generous,” the wife said. “You are also industrious, and a true leader of men, destined for greatness.”

The woman then turned the card over and read what was on the back.

“Yes, and the machine got your weight wrong too,” she said.


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