July 14, 2019

You know, it's funny...

Boy I tell you, weird things have been happening to me lately.

Not in a bad way mind you. I just thought I’d never see the day.

Okay, it’s about 2:20 a.m., and I’m working at making my latest blog entry. I have good stuff to report, which normally would not be the case.

In most of my previous endeavors, by now I would have left something like this fall by the wayside. I would have made some kind of feeble excuses in my mind, then went and did something for my amusement, but otherwise would have been totally non-productive.

But not this time, so far.

All right. First, I went to the Electric City Aquarium and Reptile Den in Scranton, taking videos as part of the guided tour. The event took a lot out of me, and so I slept for a couple of hours when I returned.

I played the World of Warcraft for a bit, and normally that would have been it for the day. But something pulled at me, something kept on calling, and so I finally got busy and edited the raw footage into a finished video for the website.

While the video was downloading, I took the time to write a story about the facility. When that was done, I added another chapter to “The Hell Wyrm story.

I had intended to say something to the effect that it had been a busy day, with the idea that it would be a legitimate reason for not completing everything. But instead I can report that I actually accomplished everything I set out to do today.

Good for me!

Now if only I can keep it up. Being a creature of (bad) habits, I’m fearful that my natural tendency toward sloth as well procrastination will again manifest themselves. Hopefully, this blog, plus my desire to succeed at this, will keep those demons at bay.

I got an email from my sister Julie concerning the website. She thought it was a great idea, but listed various areas which she insisted needed improvement.

That’s my sister – blunt to a fault. I both respect and dread Julie’s opinion. The reason I respect it is because she’s right. And the reason I dread it is because – she right! But I will take her suggestions and hopefully be able to build a stronger, more effective website in the process.

I know it sounds silly – because the website has only been in place for a week – but I’m depressed right now because I haven’t gotten more of a response. I want to be able to go onto my site, see that it’s gotten lots of hits, and respond to a lot of comments. I know it’s not going to happen for a while, but that doesn’t stop me from want it – now!

Still, in certain ways, I am elated. I’ve accomplished so much in just a short period of time – far more than I ever dreamed possible. But I’ve still got a long way to go before I can claim this is a success.

Okay, today’s bad joke:

Ugh, the Caveman, was sitting at the fire, gnawing on a bone.

Ugh, Ugh,” screamed his wife as she ran up to him. “A saber tooth tiger is attacking Mother in her cave. You’ve got to do something.”

Ugh carefully put down the bone, looked at his wife, then said:

Why should I do anything? The saber tooth tiger never did anything for me!”

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