July 12, 2019

The tyrannies of a blog

Yesterday, I promised that I would report having added more to a short story that appears on my site.
Today, I’m happy to report that I kept that promise. But wasn’t easy.
I putzed around so much today, that by the time I finally got around to it, I was pretty bushed. Under ordinary circumstances, I would have just let it fall by the wayside. For many months. Or even years.
But not this time. The tyranny of creating the blog demanded that I make an entry, and tell the truth about my efforts. So, I rose to the occasion, and actually managed to generate another chapter.
Which was good, because the only other thing I obtained was the police reports. In addition to the District Justice reports, I also got the press releases from the state police. I incorporated most of them onto the website, and will finish the job tomorrow.
I was going to attend a blue gras festival on Saturday, but then learned it is going to be in Luzerene County. While I would definitely like to expand my readership beyond these borders, I don’t think now would be a good time to wander too far afield. Instead, I think I’ll go to the farmers market and put together a stand alone video from that event.
It’s funny. If I make a promise to myself, I always seem to find an excuse not to do it. But make a promise that I’m going to publish for the world to see, and it gives me the incentive to get off my sorry butt and do it.
All right. I am so pleased that once again, I promise to add even more to the story tomorrow. I will report on the results with my next blog.
Today’s Bad Joke: 
Question: How do you make a statue of an elephant.
Answer: Get a stone and carve away everything that doesn’t look like an elephant. (Simple, no?)

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