July 11, 2019

Various ways to get the word out

I attended a meeting of the Wyoming County Hope Coalition today. It was quite production, both from my standpoint and theirs. I made a video of the proceedings, and posted it to the website, along with a story.
It’s funny. Had it not been for my dedication to writing this blog post, there’s a strong possiblity I might have put off the project for a couple of days, at least. Not good. But the thought of reporting that fact here gave me the incentive to keep going, so I can report success instead of failure.
I passed out more brochures and business cards at the meeting. Some people I know were surprised but pleased with the news of the website. To which I say — good, good. The more people who express an interest, the more likely I can build a readership.
Right now, although I know I’m making progress, it’s still frustrating. I want the experience of having a lot of readers with a lot of submissions to keep me busy. But things are still too new at this point – the site is less than a week old. So the best thing I can do is keep plugging away and hoping what I do will eventually bear fruit.
I spoke to a gentleman named Ryan Taylor who is a Regional Coordinator of Pennsylvania Trained Facilitator. He suggested we meet at the new Recovery Center in Tunkhannock, to discuss the possiblity of me making some presentations concerning how people can express themselves through various ways as a positive reinforcement for their treatment. I was agreeable, and met with Jasimine Goodman, the Project Coordinator at the facility, along with Ryan, and discussed what we could do. We settled on my making the first presentation on Thursday, Aug. 8, at 2 p.m. at the center. Now I’ve got to put together a program.
I added a few more paragraphs to “The Hell Wyrm” today. It’s been hanging fire for about two years now – even longer if you could the time that I just thought about it, as opposed to writing something down.
That’s my problem. I often just think I’m going to do something, then simply let it fall by the wayside.
Today though, I wanted more to report than simply completing one project and that was my committment.
If fact, I think it will be a good idea to make another commitment here to add more to the story tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, I’ll report here again – and hopefully it will be that I made additional progress.

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