July 10, 2019

Working with the chamber

I only completed one project today, but it was a big one.
I attended a luncheon sponsored by the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce. State Sen. Lisa Baker was the guest speaker.
I was informed before the proceedings started that the chamber and the senator preferred if I interviewed her afterward, instead of recording the event. I agreed – after all it was their event, so one has to adhere to the guidelines set down by the group. And it wasn’t too bad, when I interviewed her afterward, Sen. Baker repeated what she said during the meeting. So I missed nothing.
I came back, put the interview on the web, along with a written version. I don’t know if anyone will see it, but it makes me feel good knowing that I posted it first.
Things are so short, today, I’ll think I’ll end with a joke.
Question: “Who was the greatest actor in the Bible.”
Answer: “Sampson. He brought down the house.”
Heh, heh. I actually told that joke to my minister when I was about 10 years old during a church banquet.

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