Please note that a submission is not a guarantee to publish. I carefully examine each piece to determine if it is acceptable to be posted. Following the guidelines will greatly increase your chances, but I make the final decision. Please feel free to contact me via the website, or at if you have any questions.
Also, although a mug shot is not required for publication, I strongly recommend it because people like to see a picture of the person associated with the piece. Anonymous articles will not be accepted.
Submissions must include the person’s name, the town they live in – which will be published – and their email address, and telephone number – which will not. A little background information is also appreciated.

All articles must be typed and double-spaced. Please spell-check your work, because it makes my job a lot easier.

Short fiction can be on a wide variety of subjects. However, excessive violence, gore, and obscenties are not acceptable.

Poetry should follow the same guidelines. I allow a little bit of leeway, and a person can discuss with me the possiblity of bending the rules a bit.


Videos can be on a wide variety of subjects. Please limit time to five minutes. A sporting event, wedding, Cub Scout activity, graduation, are all examples of what can be submitted. I reserve the right to edit each video for content. People should first attempt to send me a submission via email. If this is not possible, contact me, and we will try to work out a way for submission.

Please provide detailed instructions with your recipe, along with the ingrediants. I also would like a picture of the finished item, if possible, along with your photograph. Please include background information such as if it’s a family recipe that has a history (i.e. your grandmother taught it to you, who learned it from her grandmother).

Provide a photograph of your pieces – painting, sculpture, pottery, etc. Tell us what you like to do. If painting – do you do water colors, acrylic, oils? What got you interested in creating artwork, how long have you been doing it.

Along with your submission, please provide background information about the picture – where it was taken, what is its significance, etc. I like people in the photograph to be identified, but will make exceptions – such as huge crowd scenes, or situations where it was impossible to get everyone’s name.

Give me the low-down on what you like to do. If you have background information how you became interested in your hobby, as well as it’s history, by all means share it. Don’t be afraid to provide tips to help people who share your hobby to make it easier for them. And please provide photographs of items relating to your hobby.

Freedom of expression is what make this nation great, and politics are definitely the grist for the mill. I accept articles, as well a Letters to the Editor for national, state, and local politics. However, I also reserve the right to reject such items. For example, if you accuse someone of being a crook, there’d better be sufficient evidence to support that claim – otherwise it will not be published. But I am strictly bi-partisian as far what is published – I am a firm believer that everyone has a right to their say, and it is of the utmost importance of hearing from both sides of the coin.

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