August 6, 2019

Getting a tooth pulled is no fun

I continue to have to deal with roadblocks – some from outside, but many of my own doing.

First of all, why there was no entry yesterday.

I went to the dentist in the afternoon, which was initially going to be just a routine checkup. However, earlier in the week one of my back molars started to bother me, so I asked them to take a look at it.

It turned out that I had fractured it, right down to the bone, according to my dentist. He told me it wasn’t worth saving, so he might as well pull it.

Ordinarily, it probably would have taken weeks to get an appointment. But by a lucky chance, his schedule was clear, so I told him to go ahead.

Earlier, I could tell, just by touching it, that the tooth was in two pieces. He told me it would be easy to extract, but if it split completely, things would get more complicated.

Well, chewing on it was out of the question, so I realized it was for the best. I also knew that things would really get bad if the tooth became infected. So I let him do it.

But it took a lot out of me. When I got home I lay down and fell asleep. I got up just in time to cover a meeting of Tunkhannock Township, with the idea of reporting on the proposed silica sand plant for the area.

I really debated going, but in the end, the practical side won out. But afterward, the medication I had been given for the pain was making me drowsy, so I decided to go to bed. I also figured it would be a good idea, because commissioners was scheduled for 9 a.m., the next day, and it would be a good time to get to bed early.

But when I went to the courthouse today, I found out the commissioners were in conference, and the meeting would not be held until Thursday. So I returned home, and went back to bed, because I was still hurting from having the tooth pulled.

Oh yeah, before I forget – I took a look at that molar before I left the office. Kind of interesting, seeing it there, covered in blood, with the root. As the tech moved it, the tooth split apart completely into two sections. Yes, I think having it removed was a very smart thing.

Well I got up, and after puttering around a bit, I put together a video of the township meeting, plus a story. I simply wrote down what was read in a couple of letters. I suppose I could have written more, but I wasn’t feeling up to it.

That’s about all I got done today, because I was still feeling a bit under things. Although I could and should have done more.

All right. I’ve got police to take care of tomorrow, and I’m going to want to report one more thing accomplished. I don’t know what at this point, but I want at least two. And I’ve got to start making these things earlier in the evening, so I’m not so tired when I do so.

OK, now what you’ve all been waiting so eagerly for – today’s bad joke.

A woman on her death bed called for her husband.

“Dear,” the woman said. “I just can’t go to my grave without making a confession. Many times during our marriage – too many times – I was unfaithful to you.”

“That’s all right my love,” the man said. “I knew about it all the time. That’s the reason why I poisoned you.”

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