August 4, 2019

Two days into one

I tried cheating a bit on my blog entries, and came up short.

I waited too long to make my previous day’s entry, and decided to do it when I got up on the morning. I should know better.

Well, I kept putting it off, until later became too late. So today, I will make a double entry, covering both days.

Although I only got one thing done, it was a good day. I covered the Firemen’s Carnival, and put together a good video of the event. Mind you, I don’t think anybody has seen it yet, but I still think it was a good effort.

Now today was one of those days which started out good, but kind of ran into all kinds of trouble.

I intended to do a video, in which I showed how to make won ton soup. Everything went fine, until

Zed was suppose to help me by looking through the camera’s monitor. Unfortunately, he crashed on the sofa, and I didn’t want to wake him. So I decided to do it blind.

Bad idea. You just can’t take videos of yourself. Even though I haven’t viewed the raw footage, I know some of it is unacceptable.

Even that might not have stopped me. But at the end, the won tons stuck to the paper of the steamer I was using. It turned out to be a fiasco, trying to get them into the broth.

Oh it tasted real good mind you. But for something like that, everything must go smooth. It’s a tutorial to show people how to do it, not something for them to laugh at.

Oh well, I’ll just have to try again. And this time, I’m going to make certain Zed is bright-eyed and bushy tailed before I start it up.

OK, I admit I’m being selfish. I’m only going to give you one bad joke today, even though I owe you two. Sorry, but that’s the way I am.

A man walking down the street spotted another man, walking back and forth in front of a cemetery. The second man kept wailing loudly over and over “Oh why did you die? Oh why did you die?”

Curious, the first man walked up and said, “Who is it you’re mourning for? Was it a relative or a good friend?”

“No, I never met him,” the second man replied.

“What? You’re mourning a man you never met? Who was he and what makes him so special?”

“He was my wife’s first husband,” the second man replied.

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