August 30, 2019

County fair is fertile ground for videos

It’s been a busy two days.

I went out to the Wyoming County Fair yesterday and today, and got some good stuff. The first day it was the Junior Fair Queen, the Swifty Swine Pig Races, and the petting zoo. Everybody loves that sort of stuff. Today it was the demolition derby, plus a horse competition. I also got some shots, of animals, but I figure on putting that together later.

It takes a lot of effort on my part – moving from place to place, hauling that camera, and taking what I need. If I was 30 years younger it wouldn’t be so bad, but now – hooo boy!

I just wish more people would pop onto the website, looking for such things. I figured the fair queens would definitely be taking a look, but no soap. So I wait and hope.

Sigh! It’s my dream that I turn this site into a “must see” event for a large enough group of people in order to support myself. But doing it is easier said than done.

Oh there are ways of going viral of course. But not without getting into a lot of trouble.

I’ve noticed that when people do something particularly heinous, their website – if they have one – and their sites on social media suddenly go through the roof in terms of popularity. At least temporarily. Funny isn’t it, how notoriety can be such a popular thing with many people.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and earn it. It’s better that way, because you can keep it and use it. After all, nobody can access their sites from a jail cell. At least not legally.

Well, I’m going to head back to the fair tomorrow and get some more stuff. Hopefully these will eventually bear fruit.

OK, once again it’s time for what you’ve all really been waiting for. Today’s bad joke!

Books that I would love to read:

“The Yellow River,” by I.P. Daley.

“Antlers,” by Whogoosed The Moose.

“Fifty Yards to the Outhouse,” by Willie Makeit. Illustrated by Betty Won’t. Published by Hope E. Will.

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