August 24, 2019

Things don't always turn out as planned

As I promised, I posted the video of the open mic night today.

Hmmm, that sentence has a bit of a swing to it. Too bad I can’t put it to music.

Anyway, I was pleased with the results, even if no one has seen them yet. That’s one of the problems, the moment you put something on the web, you want everyone to look at it. You think people have nothing better to do than wait breathlessly for you to put something up. Yeah, right!

Oh well. I also spent part of the day trying to get another component for that time-lapsed video I’ve been working on. And I did get something, but the results were not what I expected.

The clouds, taken over an hour period, and reduced to one minute of play time, looked pretty good. But they did not move with the same rhythm as my previous effort.

The reason, I believe, is the wind blew them at a different rate of speed. Oh they moved faster, but not as fast as my first effort.

Live and learn, I guess. I’ll keep trying until I get a combination of videos that pleases me.

Next week will be a busy effort, due to the Wyoming County Fair. I intend to publish several videos each day of several events. Hopefully, people will tune into see them.

Tomorrow, there’s going to be an event at the Dietrich, which I’m going to cover. Then I may rest for a couple of days, because it will be very busy from Wednesday through Monday.

Well, it’s that time again. Drum roll please – it’s time for today’s bad joke.

A man with a reputation for being incredibly tight-fisted decided to take his first vacation in years. He opted to take a hike in the mountains, due to the amount of money he would save on motel bills.

Many days later, the man was seriously overdue to return, yet no one had seen or heard from him. Rescue workers from the Red Cross went into the mountains, combing the area he had last been seen, trying to find him.

“Mister Smith, Mister Smith, were are you. It’s the Red Cross,” they kept calling.

Finally, a voice was faintly heard from even further up in the mountains: “I gave at the office!”

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