August 23, 2019

How to remain motivated

A good day today.

I collected the police briefs, attended Fourth Friday in Tunkhannock, as well as the Open Mike at the Dietrich.

Funny. I was fooling around on the computer after I got up, and usually that’s enough to throw a huge road block in my day. But a little voice kept saying “Get to work! Or else.” Not wishing to report that I had blown the day, I did exactly what the little voice said. Even got some exercise in. Not bad.

I posted the Fourth Friday video, and but I will wait until tomorrow to do the open mic. It is more complicated, and I want to dedicate a bit more time to putting it together.

Someone told me they were reading and enjoying my blogs – which is always a bit of a pick me up. The folks at the chamber have been looking at the website – also a great boost to my ego.

I’ll confess I keep flipping back and forth on this. I look at the website, plus my videos, and wonder: Am I doing the right thing? Should I keep going, try something else, or throw in the towel.

But when I receive a compliment, or information that people are looking at what I’m doing – it really cheers me up. So I say, let’s keep trying.

Oh well. I’m certain that when Ray Croc had his first MacDonald’s, the sign probably said in the beginning “Over 50 hamburgers sold.” I keep telling myself that there’s no such thing as an overnight success – that things like this only come about through persistence and hard work.

Anyway, another piece of good news. I discovered that my website now has four followers. Yea! Hey, it may not be much, but it’s a start. If any of those four want to let me know who they are, please feel free to drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you personally.

I don’t have any specific plans for the weekend, but I will be casting my nets tomorrow and Sunday. If the cloud cover is right, I may be able to finish that time-lapse video I have in the works. We shall see.

Oh, you want to hear today’s bad joke? OK, OK, I don’t want to disappoint you.

A magician was performing his act on a cruise ship. Everything was going fine, until a parrot in the audience began calling out how he was doing all his tricks.

“It’s up his sleeve,” the parrot squawked out when he made a card disappear. “It’s done with mirrors,” the tattle-tale bird said when the magician pulled a rabbit out of a hat. “The handcuffs are fakes.”

The magician grew angrier and angrier as the parrot continued to spoil his act. Finally, he said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to see my greatest trick. Something no other magician has ever tried.”

At that moment, the ship struck a hidden reef, tearing and hole in the side, and causing the boilers to explode with a roar. When the smoke cleared, the only two survivors were the magician and the parrot, holding on desperately to a piece of wood.

For several minutes, the parrot looked around, and it was apparent to the magician the bird was becoming more and more dejected.

“Okay,” the bird finally squawked. “You win, I give up. How did you make the ship disappear?”

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