August 2, 2019

Boy, do I hate insomnia!

Ummm. Not much to report today.

Oh it wasn’t for lack of trying, mind you. It was more a combination of bad luck, combined with bad timing, plus a desire to get some other things done.

Last night was a night I always dread. I couldn’t get to sleep no matter how hard I tried. On and on the hours went. Until finally I dropped off around 6 a.m.

6 a.m! Sheesh! I went to bed around 1:30 p.m., but just lay there for hours. I knew there were going to be pleas in court today, which is why I kept on trying.

I finally decided that it would be best to give it a miss under the circumstances. I would have had to get up at 8 a.m., then be in court at 9 a.m. I don’t know if there were have been much interest in what I posted, so I decided it would be best just to skip it. I’m not against pushing myself, when it warrants it. But when there’s little or no reason, why strain yourself.

I tried to cover the film discussion that’s held at the end of each festival covered by the Dietrich. However, two people objected to my taking videos, so I decided to give that one a pass. Such things always annoy me. I guess it’s because I’m very open about my expressions and never have any problem with people knowing what I think. When I run into such things in life, I just can’t comprehend it.

Well, I wasn’t too upset, because I had to deposit a check and had to pick up my bicycle from the shop. I also stopped by and talk to Jerry, my computer wizard. I paid him a bit of money I owed, then got even deeper in debt with him when I purchased a infrared lamp to use with my video camera.

When I returned home, I was wondering if I should cover the carnival. But the weather was threatening and I did want to risk the camera getting wet. So I decided to take care of it on Saturday.

I’ve also been feeling depressed again, and it is not helping.

Still, a few good things to report. I discovered that five people had checked out the website, and three had checked out the video on the parade I shot yesterday. That cheered me up some.

Oh, it’s so slow. I just wish I could discover some magic formula that would make people flock to my website.

Actually, there is. So what I should say, some magic formula that is legal.

All right. Now I know you’ve all been eagerly waiting for it, so here it is – today’s bad joke!

The chief of a tribe of cannibals was visiting England. While there, he was given a tour of a castle. Inside the castle were rows of suits of armor, standing in the hallways.

The chief looked at the suits of armor for a few minutes, then turned to his guide and said:

“My your canned goods look absolutely delicious!”

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