August 17, 2019

Back in the saddle

I am happy to report that after a bit of a dry spell, I have posted another video.

This time, it was of the Falls Summer Celebration. Not as big as the county fair, perhaps, but important to the folks living in the area.

It was as nice little affair, with a band and vendors – food, wine, and some items. Didn’t buy anything, but had a good time taking folks having a good time!

If you folks reading this are patient with me, I can guarantee that you will find something new here on a regular basis. I admit that sometimes it’s only the blog – and sometimes I don’t even post that! But I am serious and I will continue to try to keep things fresh on a regular basis. I just can’t do it every day. Although I going to make every effort to do so!

All right, I’m going to keep it short today. But I definitely intend to report again tomorrow.

But don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about today’s bad joke!

(Note: If I could tell dirty or ethnic jokes, I’d practically have an inexhaustible supply. But I vowed I would keep it clean, so it limits my choices!)

A man carrying a dog entered a talent agent’s office.

“Sorry, no animal acts,” the agent informed the man.

“But you’re turning down something fantastic,” the owner said. “How many talking dogs do you have?”

“Talking dog? Okay, let’s hear him,” the agent said.

“Rover, what do you find on top of a house?” the owner said.

“Rrrrrooooooffff!” the dog said.

“Rover, what’s sandpaper like?” the man asked.

“Rrrruuuuffff!” the dog replied.

“Rover, who is the greatest baseball player of all time?” the owner inquired.

“Rrrrruuuth!” the dog barked.

“Out!” the agent roared, having had enough. “Out, out, out and don’t every come back here again!”

When they reached the street, the dog turned to his owner and said:

“Don’t blame me, I didn’t know he was a DiMaggio fan.”

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