August 16, 2019

Sometimes I really hate being absent-minded

Boy, I got cut that out.

I was just about ready to go to bed, when I realized I hadn’t made my blog entry. Considering the fact I missed yesterday, that would have been doubly bad.

I do try to keep up with these things, because after all, this is what a website is all about. Or at least one of the major parts.

Well, anyway, I finished and posted the court sentencings today. I think I may redesign the page, but for the moment it will stand.

I was going to also post the press release from the state police, as well as the papers from Judge Plummer’s office. However, I decided to stop around 10 p.m. tonight.

Not that I was overwhelmingly busy, mind you. The problem was I started to feel lousy around 5 p.m., and just didn’t want to do much of anything.

I initially intend to make a video of the Bluegrass group at the East Lemon United Methodist Church. But like I said, things went south, and just couldn’t rise to the occasion.

Oh, I could have fought my way there, but when you feel like crap, you look for every excuse possible to keep your efforts to a minimum.

I figured that I could do it next week, but other things are going on that day. So I figured I would do it the following week.

Nope, that’s the week of the Wyoming County Fair, and that means VERY busy.

Oh well. Sometimes you just got to roll with it.

Tomorrow, the Falls Summer Celebration is being held at Hock Memorial Park in Exeter Township. I intend to cover that and hopefully get a good video of some of the activities.

I also contacted Art Coolbaugh about attending the Float and Feast being sponsored by the chamber of commerce on Thursday. He was agreeable, and I will contact him on Monday to set things up. It promises to be a really excellent video, because I intend to cover the event from the water.

OK, it’s about 2:30 a.m., so I will now hit the sack and…

All right, all right. You not going to let me off the hook I take it. Therefore, it’s time for today’s bad joke.

It was Election Day, and a group of people from one party were at their headquarters, tracking the results.

Suddenly, a man ran in and rushed over to one of the captains.

“Flynn, Flynn, I’ve got some bad news. Our candidate is trailing badly in the south section. You’ve got to get down there immediately and get the vote out. Otherwise, we may lose it all.”

Flynn immediately left the building and drove off in his car, heading for the south section.

Puzzled, another captain looked at the man and said: “I’ve heard no reports that our candidate is trailing in the south section. In fact, according to my information, it looks like he’s going to win by a landslide.”

“I heard that too,” the man said.

“Then why did you send Flynn on a wild goose chase?”

“Because his wife is the best lay in the county, and I want to get some before the election is over.”

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