August 14, 2019

Crime does pay - if you publish it

A productive day today, although it could have been better.

I went to the courthouse today and covered the sentencings. Such things always generate interest with the public, and I see no reason to deny it to them.

Took about three hours. Then I went home, grabbed some lunch and took a nap.

I worked on them for a couple of hours, but it’s slow tedious business. I decided to take a break, then after break I realized I still need to get my exercise in. Then I came back, had dinner, and then went straight to WoW for the duration. I really got to cut that out.

Still, I’ve got a good cache of stories to write, and as long as I complete them by tomorrow, I should be in pretty good shape as far as they’re concerned.

Let’s see. I sent a message to Bob Fidler, an old friend, and he wrote me a nice compliment on the website. That’s always a pickup.

I also spoke to a gentlemen whom I met during the Christy Mathewson parade. He told me he was pleased with what I had done to draw attention to his organization. I told him I was pleased with what he had done to draw attention on mine. Winners on both sides, I say!

Also, it was a red letter day as far as stats were concerned. I discovered that 45 people had been to the site – not much, I admit, but it is a record. Now if I can just keep things going.

I think I’ll explore how to post things to Facebook tomorrow. Also, I’ll look into setting up a twitter account. Hey, if Donald Trump can take advantage of it, why shouldn’t I?

I’m also going to see if I can put up another “fancy” video – one that people always like.

I just wish to high heaven that I would start getting submissions. It would make my job a whole lot easier!

Still, I sense I’m making progress. The trick is to keep it going.

I guess that’s it for now. So I’ll see you folks…

What’s that? I forgot something?

Okay, okay, trust you not to forget. It’s time for today’s bad joke.

A skinny little man walked into a lumber camp, looking for a job. The foreman, a big brawny fellow, looked the man over, but decided to give him a chance anyway, just to be fair.

“Here,” the foreman said, handing the skinny fellow an ax. “Let’s see how long it will take you to chop down that tree.”

The tree was a huge thick oak, which would have taken a whole crew of men several hours to down. But the skinny man grabbed the ax, and felled the mighty oak with just one swing.

“Holy cow,” said the foreman. “I don’t believe it. Where did you learn to cut trees down like that?”

“In the Sahara Forest,” the man replied.

“Sahara Forest? Don’t you mean the Sahara Desert?”

“That’s what they call it after I got finished,” the man said.

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