August 10, 2019

Tried something new today

I missed another blog yesterday.

I was going to cheat and do it this morning, but I figured, the heck with it. I was just too tired last night to make one.

Oh well, I can bring everyone up to speed tonight.

I only posted one thing to the web yesterday. That was the commissioners meeting. But I think it was a good effort. Good video, and a full story. I wish though I could report more.

Ah me. I’m often my own worst enemy in such situations. Too easily distracted by other more entertaining endeavors. But I know I must put up more and more new items on a daily basis. Because otherwise it gets old very quickly. And who wants to go to a website with old stuff.

Today, I also only posted one item. But I’m rather proud of myself, because I managed to make lemonade out of lemons, so to speak.

I was going to cover an event held by the senior action center at Lazy Brook park today. But when I arrived, I was told I had to have clearance in order to do so. Sigh! I don’t why they call this the “age of information” because it seems like you have to get permission to do just about EVERYTHING.

Well, it wasn’t the woman’s fault who said no, so I left without a fuss. I did manage to collect the police reports – although I did not write them today. I’d better do them tomorrow though.

Under the circumstances, I would have had the blog as my only post, but then I got a bit of inspiration. I’ve been kicking around an idea of doing a “reading” of “The Age of Invention” a science fiction story by Norman Spinrad. It’s always been a favorite of mine, and I love reading it aloud.

So, I recorded the story, obtained some pictures and drawings from the internet, and then used my movie editing software to combine them. The results, while not the best, were still pretty good, so I posted it on youtube, then incorporated it onto the website. Another new piece, thanks to yours truly.

I’ll confess I’ve been having many self doubts recently. I keep asking myself if I’m doing the right thing, or if I should just throw in the towel and start a job hunt.

The problem of course, is that success is always a slow starter. We always want it to come like magic. Trouble is, it never works out that way, it’s a combination of hard work, persistence, and not just a little luck.

However, that said, there has been some encouragement. I can sense that I’m creating something that has never been available in this area before – professional video presentations of events. There seems to be some interest, and God if I can just stimulate it to the point where I can make it profitable.

I’ve also noticed the numbers are climbing a bit on the people visiting the website and looking things over. Encouraging, but I need much more in order for it to be successful.

OK, I know you’ve plowed through all this just to reach this point, so I will not disappoint you. It’s time for today’s bad joke!

A group of people waiting to see the veterinarian began swapping stories about their pets’ unusual characteristics.

“My dog Barney can count up to 10,” said his owner proudly.

“My cat Cecelia can tell time,” a woman said.

“My pet skunk Homer has no nose,” said Homer’s owner.

“No nose?” another person asked. “How does he smell?”

“Awful,” replied Homer’s owner.

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