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Video Vault

This page contains videos of area events created specifically for this website.

E.T. at the Dietrich Theater

Highlights of the halloWINEfest

Social Media Marketing

Art Gallery

Painting, sculpture and other works by artists are displayed on this page.

Police & Courts

Reports of people charged with crimes as their cases are processed through the legal system.


Prose and poetry submitted by readers for your entertainment.

Daily Blog

Here, I will keep you folks informed of on a daily basis about my triumphs and tribulations as I work to make this website a success.


My personal column, which I have written off and on for many years. Here, I express my opinion on a wide variety of subjects.

In the News

In this section, you will find stories, photos and videos of recent local events throughout the area.

The Political Arena

This page is reserved for "Letters to the Editor," as well as stories and videos about political situations.

What's Cooking?

Many folks love to cook, and here you will find a variety of their mouth-watering recipes.

The Hobby Shop

Everyone has a hobby, and some of them are really fascinating. Tell us what you like to do in your spare time.

Doctor Digital

A personal service I offer to digitize documents and analog items for use on computers, tablets and cell phones.


Here we publish pictures taken by both amateur and professional photographers.